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Beverage Infusion Tincture THC-Free ($0.03/mg)

Beverage Infusion Tincture THC-Free ($0.03/mg)


Why hold an oil under your tongue when you could get your daily CBD dose from your favorite hot or cold beverage!?



Indroducing Releaf Essentials Coffee and Cream water soluble CBD tincture. Powered by the groundbreaking new ingredient CannaSorb water soluble CBD. 100% water soluble leading to rapid absorption and relief. 100% active means all you get is CBD! No fillers, no emulifiers, no carrier agents like nano CBD. Temperature stable so you can add it to any hot or cold beverage leaving you in charge instead of being at the mercy of the merger section of terrible tasting CBD beverages on the market today!

Each jar contains the equivalent of 1500mg of pharmaceutical grade CBD, via the patented CannaSorb water soluble CBD. Crafted from hemp grown in the USA and manufactured under CGMP in an FDA approved facility. Lab tested to ensure purity and potency.

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